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Lifelong learners enrich their teams

Most of us have completed a primary education, and some, if not all, of a secondary education. Some of us went on to study a trade, some to university and some learned their skills on the job. Some go on to further their education as mature age students and take on employment based or tertiary […]

An ethical workforce for success

As we alternate between increasing and easing of coronarivurs restrictions, lockdowns and mask wearing, collectivist values as opposed to our typically individualistic Western-influenced working culture become more important than ever. We are relying on one another to do the right thing to ensure for the benefit of the greater good. Additionally, as we transition back […]

What does the future workplace look like?

2020 has seen the world take an incredible shift in the way we approach work. With a greater tolerance for remote work and a heavier reliance on technology than ever, many businesses saw their future ICT strategies thrust into the present. The changes we saw throughout 2020 were just the beginning of the move towards […]

Are intrapreneurs the secret to success?

The term ‘intrapreneurship’ is growing traction and represents the importance of acknowledging entrepreneurial tendencies even among individuals who don’t go on to launch their own business. Intrapreneurship refers to employees who engage in entrepreneurial activity, for the benefit of the business they work for, rather than their own business pursuits. But how do we identify an entrepreneurial mind, and measure one’s performance in this domain?

Beyond art – Creativity in the workplace

Creativity is a skill that is relevant in almost every role; certainly, it is not one that is restricted to the creative industries. Creativity is the ability to produce novel and useful ideas and possession of this capability is linked to the ability to identify problems, gather and interpret data and generate alternative ideas.

Adaptive mindset: A skill for 2020 and beyond

Having an adaptive mindset is a valuable skill to have in times of disruption and a critical skill for enduring this year in particular. In having the personal and professional ability to adjust to change and maintain one’s positivity, while dealing with disorder, pressure and setbacks – in a resilient and proactive manner – is a practical capability for enduring life’s ups and downs.

Empathy – can it be measured?

Empathy is a skill that is valued in every situation, both socially and professionally, however it is typically difficult to quantify and the absence of the trait often only becomes clear once it is too late.

VeriSkills™ and the Human Capability Standards

After years of research, we are excited to announce that VeriSkills™ is now live! VeriSkills™ is the culmination of a global research collaboration between The Institute of Working Futures Pty Ltd and the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC™), which identified 14 uniquely human capabilities that are essential for the future of work.