Lifelong learners enrich their teams

Most of us have completed a primary education, and some, if not all, of a secondary education. Some of us went on to study a trade, some to university and some learned their skills on the job. Some go on to further their education as mature age students and take on employment based or tertiary education and continue to expand our skillsets.

Learning takes place in myriad forms, and for a large proportion of people, fills a significant chunk of time during their formative years. Whilst we continue to learn every day as we interact with the world and with others, the trait of lifelong learning involves a conscious decision to continue one’s pursuit of knowledge.

Lifelong learners are committed to consistently developing their skills through both formal and informal channels, but it is this openness to learning and active seeking out of new information and innovation that makes these individuals an asset to businesses. Lifelong learners lead the quest for change and innovation, and consistently broaden their professional knowledge while inspiring others in the organisation to do the same.

Lifelong learners cultivate a culture of learning where they lead and contribute to the capture, sharing and enhancement of learning across the organisation. Lifelong learners are valuable employees because they take their development into their own hands and seek out opportunities to upskill and progress their career.

It is important to be able to differentiate individuals who genuinely possess the lifelong learning attribute from those who passively engage with available training and education. Lifelong learners are unique in their active pursuit of knowledge and ability to inspire those around them to do the same.

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