How it works

Based on the Human Capabilities Framework, VeriSkills® will assess your training program or course to determine a standardised output of skills from each course, creating transportable data that is valid across different roles, organisations and industries.

Once a course is assessed, each human capability and its corresponding level of achievement on completion of the course is detailed so participants can assess the suitability of your course and communicate these outcomes to potential employers. An example of capability outcomes for a complete course is outlined below.

Lifelong Learning

Level 1
  • Identifies own leadership and learning style
  • Takes accountability for their own learning and development
  • Reflects on own performance and learns from mistakes
  • Actively seeks new development options and experiences
  • Learns in collaboration with others and shares knowledge
  • Gains skills and knowledge mastery in a well-defined area of work or performance context

Adaptive Mindset

Level 2
  • Adjusts management style and approach to optimise outcomes
  • Identifies ways to grow team performance and learning to confront challenges
  • Works with others to adapt new ideas, practices or technologies to their context
  • Identifies strategies to ensure team performance is maintained when confronted with changing goals or priorities
  • Monitors priorities and rebalances resources to continually achieve team outcomes


Level 3
  • Creates a climate that fosters and encourages creative thinking
  • Promotes creative processes within and across projects or teams
  • Champions breakthrough thinking and creative solutions
  • Supports and encourages creativity by enhancing learning and development opportunities
  • Acknowledges and rewards creativity

Innovative Thinking

Level 4
  • Recognises and takes calculated risks
  • Sponsors and coordinates learning from entrepreneurial endeavours and projects
  • Anticipates and manages strategic ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Develops and coordinates of entrepreneurial projects or initiatives
  • Contributes to the development and shaping of innovative business models or plans
  • Leads others to realise an entrepreneurial initiative or idea


Level 5
  • Promotes knowledge and information development and sharing across the organisation
  • Represents the organisation with authority and credibility in public forums and at events
  • Develops communication plans to engage internal and external audiences
  • Communications directly reinforce the organisation's brand and values

On completion of your course, participants will receive a digital badge outlining the level of achievement attained for each relevant capability.

What's a badge?

Digital badges are a powerful tool for identifying and validating the rich array of people's skills, knowledge, accomplishments, and competencies. A digital badge is issued for each course and outlines each capability attained under the program and the level at which each skill is achieved.

Badges are embedded with metadata which provides details of what the recipient had to do to earn the badge. The badges are hosted by Credly's Acclaim platform which houses each credential and their corresponding data from which individuals can share their achievements, allowing recipients to share their verified credentials with ease.

Why you should assess your program

An accredited training course or program is more attractive to individuals who are considering taking your course; the outcomes are transferrable and recognised across different organisations and institutions - it makes the course significantly more valuable. This can be used as a marketing tool for your business or course, as well as a tool to attract candidates and increase employee engagement for your organisation.

Verified programs can be used as a currency for career progression or employment selection. By anchoring specific levels of achievement in key capabilities to specific roles you create a common and easy to understand languge of proficiency. For example, 'good communication skills' could be replaced by Level 3 in Communication. Courses or professional development can then be tailored to the individual to increase their proficiency level in a human capability or develop skills in new ones.