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Human Capabilities

Human capabilities are what make us uniquely human. But how do we measure them?

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A verified framework of formal and informal capabilities adds meaning to courses and training programs

What is digital badging?

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Latest News

Empathy – can it be measured?

Empathy is a skill that is valued in every situation, both socially and professionally, however it is typically difficult to quantify and the absence of the trait often only becomes clear once it is too late.

VeriSkills™ and the Human Capability Standards

After years of research, we are excited to announce that VeriSkills™ is now live! VeriSkills™ is the culmination of a global research collaboration between The Institute of Working Futures Pty Ltd and the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC™), which identified 14 uniquely human capabilities that are essential for the future of work.

Communication skills – are they as universal as we think?

Consistently rated as one of the most vital capabilities in the modern workforce, it is no surprise to learn that a search on Seek for “excellent communication skills” reveals that every role, industry and level of expertise is searching for someone with “excellent communication skills”.