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A future driven by technologies that we have not dreamt of yet. Dominated by jobs that do not yet exist. Where mass collaboration is the norm.

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Human Capabilities

Human capabilities are what make us uniquely human. But how do we measure them?

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A verified framework of formal and informal capabilities adds meaning to courses and training programs

What is digital badging?

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Latest News

An ethical workforce for success

As we alternate between increasing and easing of coronarivurs restrictions, lockdowns and mask wearing, collectivist values as opposed to our typically individualistic Western-influenced working culture become more important than ever. We are relying on one another to do the right thing to ensure for the benefit of the greater good. Additionally, as we transition back […]

What does the future workplace look like?

2020 has seen the world take an incredible shift in the way we approach work. With a greater tolerance for remote work and a heavier reliance on technology than ever, many businesses saw their future ICT strategies thrust into the present. The changes we saw throughout 2020 were just the beginning of the move towards […]

Are intrapreneurs the secret to success?

The term ‘intrapreneurship’ is growing traction and represents the importance of acknowledging entrepreneurial tendencies even among individuals who don’t go on to launch their own business. Intrapreneurship refers to employees who engage in entrepreneurial activity, for the benefit of the business they work for, rather than their own business pursuits. But how do we identify an entrepreneurial mind, and measure one’s performance in this domain?