About Human Capabilities

VeriSkills is using the 14 core capabilities identified in the joint Institute for Working Futures and QTAC research project as the most important ‘soft’ or non-technical skills and knowledge required in the future workforce.

These capabilities are essential requirements for future work and employability, irrespective of the profession or the individual’s job, work level, or occupation.

In contrast with technical skills, human capabilities are the underlying knowledge, skills, and personal attributes or experiences required to perform in a role today, and to confirm a person’s potential to rapidly assume emerging future roles.

They are broad, generic, and transferable, and this distinguishes them from technical and vocational competencies, which tend to be specific to units of knowledge and skill tied to demonstrated tasks.

Each capability falls into one of three domains:

  • personal
  • action, and
  • thinking.

Within those, each capability is measured at one of five levels:

  • foundation
  • intermediate
  • proficient
  • advanced, and
  • expert.


Critical Thinking


Adaptive Mindset

Innovative Thinking


Lifelong Learning

Initiative & Drive

Cultural Awareness






Problem Solving

Digital Acumen

Customer Focus