About VeriSkills

VeriSkills® is owned by QTAC Limited, a registered educational charity owned by Australian universities.

Backed by QTAC’s 40 years of experience in the assessment of both formal and experiential learning, VeriSkills® is equipped to assess courses and programs to evaluate the human capability outcomes of each course.

VeriSkills® will assess your course, training or professional development program to determine the human capability outcomes upon completion of the qualification and their corresponding level of achievement against the human capabilities framework. This makes programs more attractive to attendees and organisations, as the standardised, measurable outcomes mean that the skills gained through your course or program are easily communicated and integrated into the individual’s overall qualifications and skills matrix.

As the discourse around qualifications and candidate selection evolves towards verified frameworks and badges, VeriSkills® verified courses will have more value than unverified courses as their outcomes are meaningful and able to be generalised across different roles, organisations and industries. Badging of credentials is already an emerging practice, but the ability to validate each badge against a verified set of measurable outcomes ensures the data associated with each is relevant and meaningful.