An ethical workforce for success

As we alternate between increasing and easing of coronarivurs restrictions, lockdowns and mask wearing, collectivist values as opposed to our typically individualistic Western-influenced working culture become more important than ever. We are relying on one another to do the right thing to ensure for the benefit of the greater good. Additionally, as we transition back to working from home, be it for the long or short term, we rely on our teams to act in the best interests of the business and ensure that, despite reduced supervision and a shifting focus, they continue to deliver a high standard of work.

This focus on the betterment of business and society as a whole above the needs of the individual is driven by an individual’s ethics. Individuals with strong capability in the ethics domain act with integrity and in compliance with social and professional standards of ethical conduct, with a strong awareness of how their behaviour affects others.

Individuals with strong performance in the ethics capability are an asset to businesses as they not only adhere to commitments and act with integrity, but guide their colleagues to act in the same way, promoting organisational governance and compliance. Ethical individuals are conscious of their own actions and those of others and encourage their peers to act accordingly.

Whilst ethics are often believed to be inherent values embedded by families and cultures, the ability to act ethically can be influenced and shaped over time and individuals can develop this skill and have new ethical principles instilled upon them by their organisation. For this reason, it is important to ensure that businesses are employing ethically minded people, in addition to instilling their own values on the workforce and reinforcing these wherever possible.

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