VeriSkills™ and the Human Capability Standards

After years of research, we are excited to announce that VeriSkills™ is now live! VeriSkills™ is the culmination of a global research collaboration between The Institute for Working Futures Pty Ltd and the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC™), which identified 14 uniquely human capabilities that are essential for the future of work.

These skills are the most important soft or non-technical skills required in the future workforce. They are what set humans apart from machines as we hurtle towards a future of automation and will become critical in candidate assessment and selection. Human capabilities are what makes us uniquely human and are independent of the technical outcomes typically identified in vocational and tertiary studies.

The critical 14 capabilities can each be attained at a level ranging from 1-5. The capabilities fall under one of three domains, thinking, personal and action. Using the Human Capability Standard, VeriSkills™  is assessing courses and programs against the standards, determining verified human capability outcomes for each course.

When an individual completes a VeriSkills™ verified course, they will receive a digital badge outlining each capability they attained from completing the course, and at what level. This badge can be shared on social media, LinkedIn in particular, and on CVs and personal websites. The badge allows the recipient to meaningfully communicate their capabilities to their employer, colleagues and potential employers.

All too often we see jobs ranging from entry-level to C-suite positions claiming applicants should have “excellent communication skills”, with this exact phrase represented in the vast majority of resumes and cover letters in circulation. ‘Excellent’ is a subjective term and in most situations, difficult to quantify or evidence. In contrast, an individual responding to a job advertisement seeking individuals with a level 3 communication skill level or higher can attest that the recent course they completed provided a level 4 communication outcome, making them qualified in this particular regard.

VeriSkills™ and the Human Capability Standards is an exciting future for education outcomes, candidate assessment and for defining career progression within businesses.  Talent acquisition specialists can use this tool for candidate selection, course issuers can add value to their courses by providing measurable, transferrable outcomes and employers can use the standards to benchmark career progression.

We have just finished assessing our first course, and issued our first round of badges, with many more in the pipeline.

Click here to learn more about the Human Capability Standards and to access the complete framework.